Affiliated Faculty

Joseph Monteyne

Dr. Monteyne teaches the art history and media cultures of Renaissance Italy and Northern Europe, of Counter-Reformation Rome, 16th and 17th century Spain and Spanish America, and the Northern European urban and courtly cultures of the 17th century.

Josh Timmermann

Dr. Josh Timmermann is an historian of Late Antiquity and early medieval Europe, in particular the Carolingian era (ca. 751–888 C.E.) and with emphases on intellectual, cultural, and reception history. His forthcoming book is concerned with perceptions and applications of the texts, ideas, and famous writers of the Christian past – especially the “Church Fathers” […]

Joy Dixon

Joy Dixon’s research currently focuses on gender, sexuality, and the body in Modern Britain, as well as how this relates to the history of religion and human sciences. In 2022-2024 she will be teaching the Arts One Program at UBC.

Judith Paltin

Judith Paltin is an Associate Professor in Modernist studies. Her current research focuses on the politics of British and Irish modernism and on modern and contemporary theories of collective identification and action.

Julen Etxabe

Dr. Julen Etxabe is Canada Research Chair in Jurisprudence and Human Rights and joined Allard Law as Assistant Professor in July of 2019. His current research combines legal and literary theory to identify a new model of dialogical judgment emerging in the area of human rights, especially through the jurisprudence of the European Court of […]

Katharina N. Piechocki

Katharina Piechocki specializes in early modern French and Romance literature, in particular theatre, opera, cartography, medicine, gender, affect, and translation studies. Having studied French, Italian, and Portuguese as well as Theater, Film, and Media Studies, she has completed two doctorates, in Romance Studies (University of Vienna) and in Comparative Literature (NYU).

Kyle Frackman

Kyle Frackman is a film and literature scholar whose research focuses primarily on representations of gender and sexuality in German and Scandinavian culture and history. Read more about Kyle Frackman here.

Lance Pederson

Lance Pederson is a PhD student who studies power, masculinity, and homosexuality in France and its colonial empire from 1660-1815. He obtained his BA [Hons] from Hamline University where he majored in History with a double minor in French and Mandarin Chinese. He completed the first year of his PhD program at the University of […]

Lisa McIntosh Sundstrom

Lisa McIntosh Sundstrom’s research focuses on transnational activism and NGO politics, particularly involving Russian civil society. She is also the leader of the SSHRC-funded network Activists in International Courts (ActinCourts), which connects researchers and human rights practitioners to build knowledge on the roles of nongovernmental activists in international human rights courts and tribunals, including the European Court of Human Rights. Network Leaders | ActInCourts (

Ljiljana Biukovic

Ljiljana Biukovic is an international law scholar whose research focuses on trade and investment issues of international economic integration and on the impact of international trade law on national regulatory governance. Read more about Ljiljana Biukovic here.