Affiliated Faculty

Richard Johnston

Richard Johnston is starting work on a comparative study of campaigns and elections with European and North American cases. He is also continuing his collaborative work on immigration, diversity, multiculturalism, and the welfare state. Read more about Richard Johnston here.


Anna Casas Aguilar

Anna Casas Aguilar is a literary and cultural studies scholar, and her research explores the intimate connections between gender, nationalism, and regionalism in modern Spanish and Catalan literature and visual culture. Read more about Anna Casas Aguilar here.


Alexia Bloch

Alexia Bloch is a cultural anthropologist whose research focuses on mobility and immobility, with particular emphasis on gender, families, and citizenship in contemporary Eurasia. Read more about Alexia Bloch here.


Ljiljana Biukovic

Ljiljana Biukovic is an international law scholar whose research focuses on trade and investment issues of international economic integration and on the impact of international trade law on national regulatory governance. Read more about Ljiljana Biukovic here.


Kyle Frackman

Kyle Frackman is a film and literature scholar whose research focuses primarily on representations of gender and sexuality in German and Scandinavian culture and history. Read more about Kyle Frackman here.


Eagle Glassheim

Eagle Glassheim is a historian whose current research focuses on the environmental history of Eastern and Central Europe. Read more about Eagle Glassheim here.


Sima Godfrey

Sima Godfrey is a specialist in 19th-century French literature and cultural history. Her current research interests include discourse of fashionability in modern French culture (19th-20th century) as well as 19th century French cultural memory.  Read more about Sima Godfrey here.


Alan Jacobs

Alan Jacobs works on comparative public policy and political economy of advanced industrialized democracies and on qualitative and mixed-method methodology. Read more about Alan Jacobs here.


Gaby Pailer

Gaby Pailer’s work focuses on German literature in transcultural contexts from the Renaissance to the 21st century, women’s drama and theatre in German cultural history, and the decolonization of German literature.


Allen Sens

Allen Sens is engaged in research on international security, teaching and learning, and knowledge mobilization.