Affiliated Faculty

Alan Jacobs

Alan Jacobs works on comparative public policy and political economy of advanced industrialized democracies and on qualitative and mixed-method methodology. Read more about Alan Jacobs here.

Alexander John Fisher

Dr Fisher's interests include German music of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, ritual contexts for sacred music in the early modern era, sound studies, and aspects of music, soundscape, and religious identity in the Reformation and Counter-Reformation.


Alexei Kojevnikov

Alexei Kojevnikov is currently Co-Director of Science, Technology, and Society Program: Current projects include: Space-Time, Death-Resurrection, and the Russian Revolution; Biosocial Boundaries and Cross-Cultural Encounters

Alexia Bloch

Alexia Bloch is a cultural anthropologist whose research focuses on mobility and immobility, with particular emphasis on gender, families, and citizenship in contemporary Eurasia. Read more about Alexia Bloch here.

Allen Sens

Allen Sens is engaged in research on international security, teaching and learning, and knowledge mobilization.

Anna Casas Aguilar

Anna Casas Aguilar is a literary and cultural studies scholar, and her research explores the intimate connections between gender, nationalism, and regionalism in modern Spanish and Catalan literature and visual culture. Read more about Anna Casas Aguilar here.

Anne Salamon

Anne Salamon specializes in philology and history of Romance languages. Her research focuses primarily on medieval French-language texts, from the point of view of ecdotics, codicology and material philology.

Antje Ellermann

Antje Ellermann's research focuses on the politics of migration and citizenship. Read More about Antje Ellermann here.

Ayasha Guerin

Ayasha Guerin is an interdisciplinary artist, curator, and professor of Black Diaspora Studies in the Department of English Language and Literatures. This year Dr. Guerin will be prioritizing manuscript writing, art creation and curatorial work for the Liberated Planet Studio.

Benjamin Bryce

Benjamin Bryce is a historian of migration in the Americas. Among his major projects, two deal with German emigration and transatlantic connections to Germany. At UBC, he teaches “History 356: Twentieth Century Germany.” He is a co-editor of the Journal of the Canadian Historical Association.