Affiliated Faculty

Bernard C Perley

Bernard is an activist/advocate Indigenous anthropologist. His academic training is interdisciplinary and aims to transcend disciplinary boundaries to serve his commitment to Indigenous community-based research and advocacy.

Bonnie Effros

Bonnie Effros teaches and conducts research on the history of archaeology, antiquarianism, and collecting in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; late antique and early medieval history and archaeology; and gender history and archaeology.

Caroline Lebrec

Caroline Lebrec is a specialist of the forms of writing under constraints and gender-inclusive writing. Her research interests include French literature from 1900 to the present, especially avant-gardes and Oulipo (Workshop for Potential Literature) and inclusive pedagogy.

Charles Menzies

hagwil hayetsk (Charles Menzies) studies resource dependent communities in western Canada and Western Europe (Donegal & Brittany).  His approach includes film and ethnographic methods.

Claudio Vellutini

Claudio Vellutini is a music historian whose research focuses on the dissemination of Italian opera in Europe and beyond during the 19th century. His current book project examines opera exchanges between Austria and the Italian states in the post-Napoleonic era and their intended function in promoting an imperial and supernational cultural identity.

Courtney M Booker

Dr. Booker specializes in early medieval Europe, and his research interests include Carolingian intellectual and cultural history, historiography, literacy and textual criticism, and Latin philology.

David Gramling

Prof. Gramling’s (he/they) research explores linguistics, intersectionality, and cultural communications in Europe. Gramling is a proud member of the AHRC Translating Cultures Theme Researching Multilingually at Borders, the American Literary Translators Association, and is the Translations section editor of Transgender Studies Quarterly (Duke University Press).

Dennis Britton

Dennis Britton researches and teaches early modern English literature, with a focus on the history of race, critical race theory, Protestant theology, and the history of emotion.

Eagle Glassheim

Eagle Glassheim is a historian whose current research focuses on the environmental history of Eastern and Central Europe. Read more about Eagle Glassheim here.

Elif Sari

Elif Sari is a socio-cultural anthropologist whose research focuses on transnational sexualities, migration/asylum, humanitarianism, and queer and critical race theory with a specific focus on the Middle East and its diasporas.