Advisory Board

Affiliated Faculty, Director, Centre for Migration Studies, Professor of Political Science

Antje Ellermann’s research focuses on the politics of migration and citizenship.

Affiliated Faculty, Professor of Geography

Merje Kuus is a political geographer who investigates the workings of expertise in policy-making processes. She examines how national and transnational institutions, such as government agencies, international organizations, or civil society groups, know what they know, how they have come to know what they know, and how they persuade themselves and others that this is so.

Affiliated Faculty, Director & Associate Professor, Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies

Bernard is an activist/advocate Indigenous anthropologist. His academic training is interdisciplinary and aims to transcend disciplinary boundaries to serve his commitment to Indigenous community-based research and advocacy.

Affiliated Faculty, Canada Research Chair in Health Communications, Associate Professor of International History and Public Policy
Affiliated Faculty, Assistant Professor of Italian Studies

Gaoheng Zhang is a Migration, Media, and Cultural Studies scholar working in the Italian and international contexts.