October 23, 2017
Sara Wallace Goodman, University of California, Irvine

“The Architecture of Failure: The Institutional Origins of the Refugee Crisis”

Location: CK Choi, Rm. #120

November 30, 2017
Michael Doyle, Columbia University
Co-sponsored by the Department of Political Science

“Beyond Refugees and Migrants: A Model International Mobility Convention”

Location: CK Choi, Rm. #120

January 12, 2018
Phil Triadafilopoulos, University of Toronto

“Religious Groups, Liberal-Democratic States, and Competitive Boundary Making: The Debate Over Ritual Male Circumcision in Germany”

Location: Buchanan Penthouse

February 13, 2018
Donna Gabaccia, University of Toronto
Co-sponsored by Green College, Departments of French, Hispanic & Italian Studies; History; Geography; Sociology

“From Immigration History to Mobility Studies”

Location: CK Choi, Rm. #120

March 23, 2018
Eiko Thielemann, LSE

“Escaping Populism – Safeguarding Human Rights: Can the EU Rescue Refugee Protection in Europe?”

Location: CK Choi, Rm. #120

April 9, 2018
Kimberly Morgan, George Washington University

“Policing Markets: Immigration Control and State Transformation in Europe”

Location: POLI Seminar Room