Past Visiting Scholars

Jonathan Hall

Jonathan Hall’s research utilizes field experiments, surveys, and mixed-methods to study the impact of war and displacement on individuals' political psychology.


Chase Foster

Chase Foster studies comparative politics and public policy in Europe and North America.


Caroline Schultz

Caroline Schultz is interested in the implementation and effects of migration policies, migration and development, and labour market integration policies.


Stefan Bickel

Stefan Bickel is a visiting scholar from the IT Department of Berlin Social Science Center (WZB). He is currently working in security information and event management (SIEM).


Ian P. Beacock

Ian Beacock is a historian of modern Europe and Germany. His current research investigates the relationship between emotions and democracy in the Weimar Republic (1918–1933).


Başak Kale

Başak Kale’s research focuses on Turkey-EU relations, EU's enlargement, Europeanization of migration policies, and Syrian refugee protection and burden sharing.


David Bosse

David Bosse's research examines the influence of transnational environmental advocacy networks on recent Canadian foreign policy. He is interested in international relations theory, Canadian politics, foreign and security policies, international climate politics, interest groups, and norms research.


Lutz Mez

In 2016 the German Federal Cross of Merit was awarded for Lutz Mez's achievements on federal, regional and EU level in the scientific field of energy transition and the development of a sustainable energy policy in recent decades.


Johanna Schick

Johanna Schick is a visiting scholar from Freie Universität Berlin. Her current research focuses on the role of civil society and social movements in a sustainability transition. Johanna's research interests include sustainability transitions, sustainable consumption and production, and circular economy.