Resources on Ukraine

Below you will find a collection of links to resources that you can use to learn more about Ukraine, its history, its peoples, and the current war.

The list includes background information, collections of documents and maps, resources for teaching and research, information on ways to help now and how to get reliable information, and a list of research centres and institutes that will be holding events on Ukraine.


Background on Ukraine: History, Culture, Literature

UBC Library Resources on Ukraine page by Milan Simić:

The Best Books on Russia and Ukraine, recommended by Serhii Plokhy:

Free Access to 10 CEU Press Books on Ukraine (includes links to the texts):

Words for War: New Poems from Ukraine, open access website:

Thread Recommending Contemporary Ukrainian War Literature in English by Uilleam Blacker:

Digital Atlas of Ukraine (HURI), featuring both Historical and Contemporary Resources:

HURI Teaching Resources:


Background and Commentary on the Russian Invasion

Putin’s War in Ukraine: The History of the Conflict, Slavic Connexion podcast episode with David Marples:

“Does Putin’s View of History Explain why he Invaded Ukraine?” BBC radio program featuring historians of Russia and Ukraine:

Ukraine Articles from Nationalities Papers:

Slavic Review Discussion: War Against Ukraine:

Ukraine Crisis Archive, documenting since 2014:

Teaching (Re)Sources on the Ukraine Crisis:


Current Information Sources

Reputable Information Sources on Twitter, a list curated by Andrea Orzoff:

Ukraine World, a resource collating info in English from Ukrainian journalism sources:

How to avoid spreading misinfo, CBC story with commentary by Heidi Tworek:

How to spot fake or misleading footage on social media claiming to be from the Ukraine war:


Ways to Help

Support Ukraine Now, Canada-specific page:

Razom for Ukraine:

Donate to Ukraine, collaborative resource:

What can you do to support Ukraine and Ukrainians? A list by the Ukrainian Institute of London:


Research Centres and Institutes

Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, U of A:

CIUS Press:

Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute:

Ukrainian Studies at Cambridge University resource site, The War in Ukraine:


Virtual Events on Ukraine: Upcoming

ASEEES Unified Ukraine Events Calendar (collecting details about virtual Ukraine events from across North America and Europe):


Recorded Events

Recording of the Voices for Ukraine bilingual poetry reading hosted by Words Together Words Apart, March 1 2022:

Recording of “Ukraine: Past, Present, Persistence” moderated, interactive discussion hosted by UBC’s Centre for European Studies, March 7 2022:

Recording coming soon! “Bad Roads Film Screening and Discussion on Ukraine” hosted by UBC’s Department of Film and Theatre, March 5 2022.