Democratic Health Communications during Covid-19: A RAPID Response

Completed 2020. This research was financially supported by the Institute for European Studies.

Project Name:

Democratic Health Communications during Covid-19: A RAPID Response


Heidi Tworek, Ian Beacock, and Eseohe Ojo

Research Assistant: Sean Wu

This report recommends how to put health communications at the heart of democracies’ response to Covid-19. Communications are an effective non-pharmaceutical intervention (NPI) for Covid-19; other NPIs include travel restrictions, physical distancing, or personal protective equipment—each of which, in turn, requires clear, rapid communications. More effective communications could save lives.

This policy report examined health communications around Covid-19 in nine democracies around the world. The IES support enabled the hiring of Sean Wu to look at Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Sean also did the graphic design of the report. This report was published by the Centre for the Study of Democratic Institutions on September 15. It has already resulted in a radio interview for (PI) Dr. Heidi Tworek on CKNW and she will appear on Global News BC to discuss the report too. The report has already circulated amongst health policy-makers in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

IES was crucial to ensure that we included more European countries alongside Germany, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, Senegal, and Canada. 

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