EU Study Tour Program 2021

European Study Tour – Research Seminar

POLI 326 | 3 credits

About the virtual program

This program is virtual and will take place online for Summer 2021. Please apply by Monday, February 22, 2021.

About the course

The European Union Study Tour & Internship Program (EUST&IP) is an academic activity with a difference. Unlike in previous years, the course will be fully online and research-oriented.

The general topic of the 2021 program will focus on the flagship recovery program, the Next Generation European Union, and the way this program is compatible with the ambitious greening and climate policy project of the European Union (EU). COVID-19 and climate change are challenging the ways we consume, produce and live our lifestyles. This course will take a deep look into the political project of the EU to deal with those challenges.

Students will have the opportunity to work with representatives of EU institutions and European academics. The course takes a strong group-learning approach where students team up and do in-depth research on specific sub-topics. The final product is a comprehensive report for a virtual audience.

The course will be organized as a three-week condensed seminar in May 2021 that ends with a final seminar presentation with experts as commentators.

The program is led by UBC faculty member Kurt Huebner. For more details, email

About the virtual experience

Virtual seminar draft schedule

  • After the first day of introduction to the topic, students will regroup according to specific sub-topics.
  • In group meetings, students will discuss general readings that will help inform research planning
  • Presentation of research plans
  • Discussion of group research plans with course instructor for revisions
  • Revised research plan will be shared with an EU-representative for further input
  • Group research will be conducted
  • Interviews will be set up with experts in Europe
  • Groups present their outputs
  • Preparation of final report
  • Seminar

Eligibility requirements

General Global Seminar requirements

  • You must have at least a 70% average in your most recent Winter Session of full-time studies prior to application
  • You need to be a UBC student in good standing (e.g., not be under academic or non-academic discipline) to participate in a Global Seminar
  • You should have full-time student status (as defined by your faculty) in the year prior to your Global Seminar
  • You must maintain 70% average prior to your Global Seminar departure
  • You must have completed or intend to complete the necessary (or equivalent) pre-requisite courses prior to Global Seminar start date
  • Unclassified students will be considered on a case-by-case basis
  • You will need to be accepted by the Program Director leading the Global Seminar
To be accepted for this Global Seminar, you have to meet both program-specific requirements as well as ARA eligibility.

Program-specific requirements

There are no specific eligibility requirements.  Preference is shown to fourth-year undergraduate students in Political Science and International Relations.  Third-year students and those in other disciplines (International Studies, Economics, Commerce, Journalism, etc.) are also encouraged to apply, particularly if the student has completed coursework in the politics, economics, and history of Europe.

General timelines

The course will begin in May 2021.Internship dates for 2021 are to be determined. Some flexibility is required, depending on the location and host organization.

Application deadline

Monday, February 22, 2021

How to apply

  • Log in to the Gateway online application program
  • Select “Search Experiences” and type “VGS” to explore Global Seminars programs
  • Upload the application form for your selected Global Seminar – see Application documents below

Students are limited to apply for one Virtual Global Seminar.  Interest in a second Virtual Global Seminar will be assessed on a case by case basis and students should contact Go Global direclty for more information.


This program is jointly funded by Arts Research Abroad (ARA)  and Go Global. ARA is a funding body made of the Faculty of Arts – Dean’s Office and anonymous donors  that supports Virtual Global Seminars.This funding will offset 100% of the program fees for this Virtual Global Seminar.

Program fees and costs

Go Global is committed to making high quality global education experiences accessible to all students.  For this reason, Virtual Global Seminars will be kept at no or low cost for the Summer 2021 season.The Go Global Fee ($415) will be covered in full by the Go Global Award ($500) and Program Fees will be covered in full by the Arts Research Abroad (ARA) funding program.You will pay UBC tuition for the number of credits you enroll in for this program.


The European Union Study Tour & Internship Program thanks its many partners and supporters for making the Study Tour a substantial success—with special thanks to the European Commission, the Mission of Canada to the EU, the European Parliament, the European Central Bank, the European Court of Justice, other EU institutions and representations, as well as diplomatic missions and non-government organizations.