Alicia Barker-Åström

Alicia Barker-Åström is a student in the Dual Degree between Sciences Po Paris and the University of British Columbia. She got her first Bachelor’s in Politics and Government with a Middle East and North Africa specialization from Sciences Po Campus de Menton. She is currently pursuing an Honours degree in Political Science and International Relations at UBC. Alicia’s research interests include the state of Swedish segregation and the connections between government policy and increasing crime rates. Beyond the national level, she is interested in how the national issue of segregation relates to the international political climate and is affected by multilateral organizations.

Project Description:

With the CES Fellowship, Alicia will study segregation in Sweden from the 1970s onwards while trying to identify moments where integration policies failed. By identifying these moments, Alicia hopes to provide evidence for why these policies failed, ultimately leading to continued segregation. Given the increase in violence that Swedish society has seen over the last decade, and its link to increased segregation, Alicia wants to use her research to suggest new, alternative policies that facilitate better integration and a reduction in crime rate.