Congratulations to Jonathan Hall

Congratulations to Jonathan Hall, Visiting Assistant Professor at the Institute for European Studies, on being awarded two new grants:

November 3, 2013

James Igoe Walsh (PI), Jonathan Hall, Paul Huth, Abby Steele and Jean-Claude Thill. “Displace, Return, and Reconstruct: Population Movement and Resilience to Instability.”  Minerva Research Initiative, 2018-2020. USD 1,491,502. Sub-award to Dr. Jonathan Hall is USD 333,256.

September 14, 2017

Jonathan Hall has been awarded $53,000 by the Swedish Migration Studies Delegation (DELMI) for his project “Refugees and Prosocial Behavior in Sweden.” The project examines the impact of exposure to war violence on the social preferences of refugees from Syria and Iraq living in Sweden.