Faculty-in-Residence, Jean Monnet Chair for European Integration and Global Political Economy, Professor of Political Science

Kurt Hübner is the Institute’s EU Liaison.  Kurt is a political economist whose research is focused on currency regimes, trade policies as well as the relation between climate policies and innovation regimes.

Faculty-in-Residence, Canada Research Chair in Public Opinion, Elections, and Representation, Professor of Political Science

Richard Johnston is starting work on a comparative study of campaigns and elections with European and North American cases. He is also continuing his collaborative work on immigration, diversity, multiculturalism, and the welfare state.

Faculty-In-Residence, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Matthew Wright studies political psychology, and in particular questions about how both political identities and core values influence peoples’ attitudes about immigrants, immigration policy and diversity more generally.

Faculty-In-Residence, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Yang-Yang’s research is motivated by questions surrounding national identity, conflict, and development in the context of migration.