Doctoral Fellows

Doctoral Fellow, Department of Political Science

Matt Byrne’s research focusses on partisanship, identity, attitudes, and political behaviour.

Doctoral Fellow, Department of Political Science

Camille Desmares’ interests include immigration and asylum politics, immigrants and refugees’ integration processes, identity politics, discourses of exclusion in the media and the exploration of non-state centered approaches to diversity accommodation.

Doctoral Fellow, Department of Political Science

Alexander Held’s research focuses on elections and voting behaviour in Western democracies.

Doctoral Fellow, Department of Political Science

Alex Hemingway’s research focusses on political inequality and economic class in the advanced industrialized world. He is currently studying the relationship between the descriptive and substantive representation of class in parliaments

Doctoral Fellow, Department of Anthropology

Hilal Kina is interested in exploring the legacy of the multi-ethnic past in Turkey, with a focus on contested identities and historical memory. Based in the Black Sea region, her doctoral research explores the movement and traces of the various peoples of this geography, and the ways in which they articulate their understandings of self and belonging.

Doctoral Fellow, Peter A. Allard School of Law

Stefan Pauer’s research explores the conditions under which governments adopt the policy tool “border carbon adjustments” to support domestic climate policies. As part of his research, he investigates the European Union’s experience with border carbon adjustments in its climate policies.

Doctoral Fellow, Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program

Sandra Schinnerl’s research interests include the nexus between education policy and immigration policy, the migration pathways and transitions of immigrants and refugees with a special focus on international students.

Doctoral Fellow, Department of Political Science

Salta Zhumatova’s research interests include immigrant integration in Western Europe and quantitative/mixed methodology.