The IES Research Colloquium: Salta Zhumatova

November 4, 2019
Salta Zhumatova (UBC PhD Candidate): “Institutional Complementarity in Labour Market Support: Migrant-Oriented Policies in the EU”

Lunch will be served at 12:15 pm
C.K. Choi, Rm #351

Abstract – In many Western European states, governments have increasingly accepted the strategies of enhancing equality between immigrants and EU nationals in major policy domains such as labour market support. One of the latest trends in the integration policy framework is ‘mainstreaming’ – the practice of bringing the needs and priorities of vulnerable or underrepresented groups such as immigrants to the centre of attention in more generic policies as opposed to seeing specific concerns of these groups as separate policy areas. Is ‘mainstreaming’ in employment services supported by complementary institutional practices in other policy domains? This talk focuses on the institutional context of ‘active labour market policies’ that ‘activate’ the unemployed by providing them with new skills or work experience. Salta’s findings suggest that there is institutional complementarity between ‘active labour market policies’ for immigrants and regimes of work-to-school transitions across different socio-economic models of capitalism.